Learning… hand in the Father's


# Have you seen my beautiful baby? #


# Have you seen my tomato baby oh? Iyele #

IMG-20131130-02316 - Copy

# Baby sofri dey kulu me temper… Ada! Baby na sugar sugar oh!! #


…# Everybody dey wait, puta kene n’okpo… #


# Ife dinma amaka…better soup na money kill am oh… Adamma kpeke kpekem ya… Ada Ada #…


Don’t you just love Flavour’s Ada Ada?? I totally and absolutely do!!! Could listen to it over and over again!!!

So my sis, Eziaha finally got married to the man of her dreams on Saturday the 30th. Hooooraaay for Mrs Eziaha Olojo!!!

In her words, “the devil fought this in incredible ways using the weapon of TRADITION. And sadly, some people let devil use ‘em lol. The drama of inter-tribal marriages.”

I had massive fun at the bridal shower… finally got to meet Booski and Sapphire…


You really should read her post: It’s making waves in blogosphere oh!!! *wink*

Anyway, this post is really not for long gist… it’s for pictures!!!! Yeeeeeehaw!!! with a few comments in between…

These pictures are in no particular order… they’re just a few taken outta my gallery of photos…

Mehn, Eziaha was glowing that night sha!!!…


And I got to meet these lovely ladies…many of whom I’d really love to keep in touch with. They were simply amazing!!!


And Here’s Eziaha again with Priceless…


I took nothing less than 280, I mean TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY pictures at the bridal shower and the wedding. All with my trusted and tried sweet loving phone!!! Mehn, I love my phone….looool… no battery hassles, no hangups… the device was just simply amazing!!!

Mrs. Olojo’s smile almost tied wrapper oh. I’m sure you’ve already noticed from the pics above… My girl was already on cloud 9 walking with head held high…

Eziaha, walahi! you are a photographer’s dream of a model!!! 😀 Really!!!…..loooool


Ah, Eziaha!!! My life has been blessed just from knowing you… I’m real glad you got your PERFECT slice of heaven… your reality and your victory…




Loved you and Aku gi’s dancing at the reception… the moves were so good 😀

IMG-20131130-02356 IMG-20131130-02358

IMG-20131130-02359 IMG-20131130-02363

😀 😀 😀

Oh! And the bridesmaids’ dresses were beautiful too…

Here’s Booski… the commander-in-chief 😀

IMG-20131130-02302 IMG-20131130-02303


with the bride…

IMG-20131130-02305 IMG-20131130-02306

See those smiles…?? 😀

And the bridesmaids…


IMG-20131130-02341 IMG-20131130-02342

IMG-20131130-02334 IMG-20131130-02335

Sister from another mother… :* :*


With PK and PM,

IMG-20131130-02348 IMG-20131130-02350 IMG-20131130-02353 IMG-20131130-02354

And Yomi and Chuka,…

IMG-20131130-02325 IMG-20131130-02373 IMG-20131130-02379 IMG-20131130-02389

Sapphire and her hubby…

IMG-20131130-02394 IMG-20131130-02396

IMG-20131130-02397 IMG-20131130-02399

Finally, All three…

IMG-20131130-02401 IMG-20131130-02403


By the way, who does a peace sign at the altar on her wedding day???… Kai!!! Eziaha!!! Loooool


I’m so happy for you sis! Truly, the best gift any woman can give herself is the gift of marrying well… 

May God bless your marriage… And as a couple, you both will shine brighter and brighter…!!

Now, all we await is the twin girls… 😀 *wink*


Ps: I have never done a post with as many pictures… 😀


  1. cannime

    I love seeing ladies who celebrate their fellow lady. So much pleasure looking at the pics. I do not know you girls but you are definitely the kind of friends I would love to have.

    Mrs E looked absolutely amazing!

    Lovely blog as well.


    • Hey dearie!!!
      thanks for stopping by…
      We would love to have you too oooh… 😀

      Have a fabulous new year k?




  2. Chynni

    Howdy Giantsparkle,
    Wow, this post is a pure delight…absolutely super-duper! You girls looked amazing indeed…friends that stick closer than sisters. My darling, Eziaha, you’ll always be celebrated..Congratulations again. May God bless your home.


    • Hey Chynni!!!
      Thanks for stopping by!!!

      And Amen!!! @ “My darling, Eziaha, you’ll always be celebrated”

      Plenny Huggggssss…



  3. Ify

    Oh la la….
    C’est tres tres bien. Giantsparkle, merci beaucoup!!
    Truly exquisite and fabulous pics; all you ladies are sooo beautiful.
    Congratulations Mrs. E’ Olojo and congratulations to your beau/aku gi too, the best is yet to come, thanks be to God for the gift of marrying well. Now, SWAG wella and follow PM’s advice on her blog about you, as well as prayerfully contemplate. And remember that no matter how long it takes, when God works, its always worth the wait… Best wishes always ++


    • You’re welcome Ify!!! 😀
      Missed you much!!
      How you doing??? and the fam??




  4. *skips back into the room*…I forgot to comment on the dance….oh my word!they both danced like dance was going out of fashion…I loved the energy and gusto,put my amateur steppings to…
    Okay, I had to chip that in, now off to go reply all the comments that addressed me…


    • Loooool @ they both danced like dance was going out of fashion…

      I mean, me sef i tire oh!!! I danced to an extent and at a point didnt know which leg to put first again…looool… That was when i started snapping the couple oh… and oh, they danced!!!



      • E'

        Looool kaego. That was when u started snapping abi? Hahahahaha
        I recall u asking me once if I can dance. And u were asking with doubt. God caught you.
        Then lizzy you have no amateur steps pls. U have NO steps. So don’t compare with me u hear :p :p :p
        Just had to show up here and show off some :p


        • Eziaha, i gree oh! You can dance small sha… 😛
          I beg to differ @ Lizzy having no steps…
          She has steps oooo… My sister said she dances ‘bombom dance’ like me *covering my eyes*… please don’t ask me what dance that is…loooool…


          • OMG!!!!!…No you didn’t! Lol..I can’t believe you described our dance on here..Hahahaha…don’t mind Ify jor… *side eye at her*


  5. Kemi Aribisala

    Wooooow! Kaego u did a brilliant job with ur post and all of the bridal shower and weddng pics! Can’t still believe I missed Eziaha’s weddng oh. E’ dear, I’m extremely happy for you and I’m glad u got victory @ last! God punish the devil oh!wish you a blissful and fruitful marriage dearie.*mwah


  6. oluwaseun kayode

    Awwww.Nice pictures,I wish her a happy married life.


    • E'

      Thanks sweerie


    • Thanks seun!!!




  7. findipeny

    Kaego baby, Asan wan!!(ok, i hope i spelt that right), fine girl without instargram filter lol!. how are you darling? fantastic post sugar and it was beyond awesome meeting you and now your blog. i especially like the name.

    And yes, your phone put phones like lizzy’s,eziaha’s and mine to shame, lol!

    We are fine girls O! see everyone glowing, and yet the devil tries to stop us from marrying well, God punish Satan.

    Am i the only one that thinks lizzy writes big big oyinbo? i love you forrit lizzy, don’t mind those that think so. lol!

    it was a truly amazing weekend with the 10/10 couple.

    Sapphire had a blast. so who’s next?



    • E'

      Lizzie writes big oyinbo oooo
      I am tired of harassing her. She is my very own Hon Patrick lol
      Oh yes Ego’s phone shamed ours mega. Her phone lasted through it all… WOWZERS.
      Super impressed. Big kiss to that faithful phone of hers
      I am super glad to see my friends getting along… No one should sha take my space in anybody’s life ooo… Biko
      Sapphire my lover girl… You know I got mega love for you yeah… Muah


      • findipeny

        Don’t sweat it lover, whoever will take my place in ur life or yours in mine will have to come in rapture form cos this love is going to heaven baby!!! Lmho!!!

        you guys shouldn’t be threatened by this my twin o, there is enough love to go round?

        Twale Hon lizzy!! na u biko.


        • E'

          Gbam. Gbamer. Gbamest
          Plenty love to go round from me jor…


      • Whooopeee!…finally! I win!…Mrs Olojo has conceded…no more harassment…lol…
        Hon Patrick?…haba!..I no reach jor…my oyibo is still humbly born-again…trust me…


      • E’ sweetie, don’t worry, your space is secure oh!!! 😉


    • Lol..first, you didn’t spell it well, its “Asa nwa”…see compliment o@fine girl without instagram filter, that one sef dey .
      Did you have to call my name during the roll call of shamed phones?…lol.
      Yes o! God punish the devil and his mother-in-law… :p
      If I don’t mind those who think I write big big oyinbo, who will I mind?, trust me Sapphire, its not something I can help…thanks for the loving o…
      And yes, who’s next?….


    • *blushing already!!!*
      *blushing more…..***

      As in, E’ sure has fine friends… 😉
      Satan is roasting well biko!!! We will all marry well… We have to!!! We’re setting standards here yo!! Raising the bar!! No controversy!!!!

      Lizzy’s grammar amazes me oh… @ Lizzy, Mmwah!!!

      Sure was an amazing weekend!!!

      Mmwah darling!!



  8. cheech

    Hi Kaego,

    Great job with the post! Been stalking all affiliated blogs to catch up! So upset that I missed the chance to meet all you fabulous and naughty ladies!


    • E'

      Naughty before Fabulous ooo
      I have told all of you, you can’t go to hell fire but I will be sure to tell my Sugar daddy to reserve the BQ without AC for you girls with your unholy minds…
      Thankfully ego is helping you some Cheech
      Thanks baby… For loving and tormenting me
      Appreciate and value our friendship infinitely


    • Cheeech!!!
      Howdy!!! Loooool @ the stalking!
      Don’t mind Eziaha oh! I should send you the picture of her face wen she saw the ‘stuff’ ordered for the shower… looooool

      I’m sure i’ll get to meet you. I absolutely have to!!!
      Was great in the group yea?

      Big hugs darling!!!



  9. Awww this is lovely! Thanks a lot for the pictures! Looks like it was FUNNNN!!!!!
    E enjoy this new wonderful phase of your life! xx


    • E'

      It was FUN nne
      You missed
      Amen hun


    • You’re welcome dearie!!!




  10. Booski

    Awwwwww…sweet postoooooooo. Yeah…It has truly been a good year, right? Two hundred and wetin abeg? Nawaoooooooo. Y is Lizzie surprised? On my wedding day she took almost 900pics and nearly crashed my phone. I still haven’t grown d kidney to go thru those pics. Any I was doubly pleased meeting you too. And I particularly love ur partially husky voice, darling. Lovely post. Lovely pictures. Lovely people. We all wish The Olojos marital bliss. And I so love my title…The Commander in Chief…hehehehehehehehehehehe. Love u darling


    • E'

      Booski meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
      C-in-C… You played your role like a real BOSS
      Love love love baby.
      And you know me and pictures na…
      Ego has jus been initiated


    • I’m innocent o! Why is everybody calling my name? Lizzie this, Lizzie that, shebi you pipu know this post is Eziaha’s shine, stop calling my humble name…I did not crash anybody’s phone o…


    • BOOOOOOSKI!!!!!
      Was totally and fantastically wonderful meeting you too!!! :*
      and m so glad you love your title…looool… 😀
      Trust you’re taking good care of Pastor Tony… 😉

      Many hugggggssss…
      Mmwah darling!!



  11. Wowzer!!!!…this is abso-friggin-lutely super-duper (to borrow ‘Kaego’s + E’ s expression)…:)… Ha! Kaego, that victory/peace sign couldn’t have been more apt for THIS wedding day mehn …e reach to, na baba nla victory my dear…
    I still insist no one’s half as thankful or as thrilled as I am by this wedding (i̶n̶c̶l̶u̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶b̶r̶i̶d̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶g̶r̶o̶o̶m̶)…lol

    Yes o..twin girls…
    Yes o finally!@the pic of the iyawo trio…e remain to photoshop Ayo’s own
    And that bit about Commander-in-Chief?..totally cracked me up…you couldn’t have put it better my dear… I see you posted the only sane gift the bride got at her…
    And that your device? Whaaaaaa?!??!?!…two hundred and what?..mehn, it Deserves a ten over ten all-expense paid vacation trip to the Bahamas for putting all other phones like mine to shame with such stellar performance throughout….lol…

    Walahi ‘Kaego, this post is a gazillion-billion stars yo!…every bit of it, pics,words, song lyrics(which by the way was an absolutely fab touch) was in perfect sync as ingredients for the making of a remarkable post as this….
    You upped the ante girl!…I bet E’ would be thrilled, no scratch that, tickled all shades of pink….
    Bless your heart dear!….

    Stay Resplendent ma’am! a̶n̶d̶ ̶d̶o̶n̶t̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶m̶e̶a̶n̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶m̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶f̶a̶b̶ ̶p̶o̶s̶t̶s̶.̶
    Rest assured i’ll be here faithfully harassing you if you do :p


    • E'

      Lol Lizzy pumpin… Even Mr and Mrs… Lemme catsh u
      Only the phone will go to the bahamas ooo so ego don’t get too excited already oooooooo
      Tickled tickled tickled all the way
      You guys major rock
      As for you Lizzy, Jehovah keep me till your wedding. I will retaliate. You are a gift and a dream friend walahi
      Love love love


    • Loooool!!! @ abso-friggin-lutely super-duper (to borrow ‘Kaego’s + E’ s expression)… smh oh Lizzy!!
      I agree oh, the gangsta bride tinz was so on point!!! Loooool!!!
      Hahahahahaaa!!! @ the Iyawo trio (Booski, Sapphire and E’)… 😛

      Didn’t dare post the other gifts oh… will leave that to the bride so she wee explain to her readers what each one was for… hahahahahaaa!!!!

      Thanks for all the loving on my phone… 😀 but why not give the owner the vacation to the Bahamas? *rolling my eyes* afterall, it was i who took such good care of the phone… 😉

      Just had to use the song oh!! Flavour’s Adamma was (snaps fingers) just right! looool





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